Unique Properties of Dominican Republic

I have found traveling around this beautiful country the most amazing people and stunning landscapes. My focus is to bring titled property to Max United Realty ,large commercial property, flat farms, beach front and everything in between. I have both small lots for residential use as well as enormous lots perfect for all your commercial needs. My properties are all exclusive to Max United Realty. I receive new listings each week so check back often if you are not seeing what you are looking for. 

Who We are

Max United Realty is based in Bavaro, on the East coast of the Dominican Republic, and is headed up by Bridges Valdez. Bridges is Dominican but has spent 35 years in the United States, working in the real estate business for 25 years. His record in real estate speaks for itself, whether you want to buy a small studio or condo, or a million-dollar home. Bridges has done it all, consistently closing more deals than the average broker.
Bridges is a licensed broker, and working with him, you not only have the advantage of working with a licensed and knowledgeable professional, you also will be cared for by a native Dominican, who knows the country, the language, how things are done, and most important, how to get things done. The perfect combination to find you your perfect home in paradise.
And he is joined by his American wife, Julie Weiner who is a licensed realtor, with a mortgage and law degree from the United States. As well as being a financing professional, in addition, Julie is an expert in construction, and given that there are no formal home inspections in the Dominican Republic, she is perfect for checking out your chosen property for you, to ensure there are no major issues.
The combination of Julie and Bridges is ideal for all aspects of real estate purchasing in the Bavaro/Punta Cana area, and further afield on the island. Whether you are looking to buy a home which is beachfront, in a gated community, or on a golf course. Or whether you want to buy land and build your own perfect home. Whether you want to buy as a vacation rental, to live in full time, or as an investment opportunity.
Max United Realty can not only help with the purchase of your home, but they can help you with a whole range of other related issues. Property management, construction, how to deal with all the service providers such as internet, phone, cable or satellite TV, electricity.
For a smooth and hassle-free process, just contact us today, or read through our website to learn more about the Dominican Republic and Bavaro/Punta Cana.
“Without any hesitation we would highly recommend Bridges to our friends and family, and really appreciate his nice attitude, guidance, professionalism and how easy he made this whole process for us.”